Friday, March 26, 2010

My Core Gallery Pledge

So far I am not too happy with March.

So far I am not too happy with March.

The one great thing is that I have been commissioned for my first article for a-n. Giving advice for new graduates about ‘ how to become part of something.’ This exhilarates me.

In this month of turmoil however .

I have

1. had a bike crash

2. had my purse stolen

3. had my bike stolen

4. developed a sore thoat flu type thing that has bunged up my brain and given me lethargy which makes me just want to go to bed and watch the entire season of Lost for a bit of escapism from the many commitments being asked of me.

I have strong and good feelings about Core Gallery, our team of artists, our professionalism, efficiency, energy and pooled resources. I am awed by the enthusiasm that others show in our project and the awesome happiness that others want to be part of our little something.

I pledge I will not treat artists like commodities, I will give as much support to anyone who needs it, not for my own gains but for the mere satisfaction of it being rewarding to help and to teach. I will make sure we meet our deadlines, that we are professional and organised. I will try to be as visionary with this as I attempt to be in my own work. This is an experiment, a ground roots determined project. Sure I don’t know everything I am doing at this stage but I am good at project managing I discover, I am good at co-ordinating and inspiring others and I am not saying this arrogantly but by the excitement that I see in others as a result of this project. I stand by these aims and you know what I am pretty ambitious too. I refuse to be knocked down.

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  1. What a great pledge...Too bloody right!!!
    I second it!!!
    Hooorayyy and Hussarrr!!!