Sunday, March 14, 2010

Agency Gallery and University of the Arts

Last night my supper was crisps. A pretty good flavour- vintage cheddar and red onion. Washed down with a little red wine. Hmm…….the reasons why – well there is no time to eat…….

Bea De Souza from Agency Gallery in Deptford

Bea is a real mover and shaker and she is coming to see Core Gallery and talk about our plans and working together in the future. The show we currently have in our gallery space was from before xmas- Fraction. Which we left up and which has been evolving with studio members work changing and new members joining etc.

So what we had up needed to be pulled together and made more cohesive and edited. So as it was last minute, I and Helen hung the show last night, poor Helen was ill too and had to go, so I finished myself and am anxious that everyone will be happy yet also saying to myself that I am doing this for the benefit of everyone….it may be hard to please everyone in the studios at all times –you cant. And the gallery is going to be standing interdependently to studio members- we are not going to populate every show with members works basically but inviting artists and curators into the space. It is for all our benefits to have this energy in the space......

I was a guest lectuerer at the University of the Arts as well this week, part of a professional development lecture series about how to sell your work at degree shows. I remember how consumed we all were at college and uni. To think about the degree show and organising ourselves for the press and business side was not a priority but it is so important to start planning things now, for students to really launch themselves, to make themselves stand out and get the attention they want. To believe that your University will do this all for you is unrealistic. You need to be proactive too with all your exhibitions and build your presence.

I had a friend who had an exhibition I was trying to get to. He said to me ‘don’t worry , I don’t really care if my family and friends come, I am not that bothered about it ’ I found it really offensive to say that. So I did not go. Even if at the beginning of your career if you bring people, any people to a show, then it shows you are involved to the organisers and curators. It feels good when people come to shows. That’s why we invite them……..

Anyway I have to go and sand some walls and go to 3 meetings today, one for me two for core gallery. Tonight I may branch out into balsamic and red onion crisps……

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