Monday, November 22, 2010

RELAY ! 42 Artists

We have been working on our plans for the development of Core Gallery's DIY educate programme. As an artist put it ' the sh** they dont teach you at art school...'
Busy too with exhibitions I have work in: ING Discerning Eye and the Lynn Painters Stainers Prize that I was also selected for ( me and Prince Charles work in the same room- not sure if thats good or bad....think it may be bad somehow although they were harmless watercolours and sure they sold whereas I dont think my works have...) Then again Annabel Tilley and Graham Crowley were also there so that balances that one out....
Also in the last couple of weeks there has been the wonderful, strange and macarbre exhibition Psychometry at Core Gallery , curated by Nick Kaplony. We had a fantastic artists talk on Saturday , the artists are so interesting in explaining their works. Peter Jones as well was a delight to meet, his strange Monkeys and Lambs have captivated me the entire 3 weeks they have been here, looming and leering and somehow very charming at the same time ! Peter is a charmer, a walking encyclopedia of contemporary art. He told me as well as terrible story of an unscrupulous gallery that ran away with the money from his art! Left me fuming, which leads me onto another event about artist's lack of rights and the ability for us to be trampled upon by galleries etc with no safety net.
This and amongst many other reasons I have also decided to put myself forward to be nominated to the AIR council. Trying to measure whether I can balance this role if I were nominated with my role as artist, gallerist, creative practitioner etc. At the same time my passion ruled all those concerns out. Emily Speed an AIR member , 1 0f 3 who has nominated me had this to say about why I may be good at fighting for your rights. I think I would be good too. I am pretty determined.
' Rosalind is a tireless, open-minded and enthusiastic person, both in her own practice and in her capacity as Manager at Core Gallery. Her ability to empathise with fellow artists and a particular talent for presenting a balanced view and understanding all aspects of a given situation would be valuable assets to the AIR council. I wholeheartedly support her nomination'

We are delighted to be hosting an AIR Activist Event at Core Gallery as well on the 8th December , read all about it here
As well as writing my campaign I have also been organising Relay, our final show of the year at Core Gallery, 42 artists...ouch! I am still hunting down our artists for their info for the show ! Jane Boyer, our Core Gallery associate member is arriving from France today too. Jane has been so invaluable and I look forward to buying her a well deserved supper this evening as a small thank you for her amazing organisation skills. You can read more Jane and her practice here: Anyway, Relay , its going to be fantastic, really exciting collaborations going on. Opening Friday , Read more about our lists of artists etc here. Image courtesy of Peter Jones ( top )

Image courtesy of Peter Jones ( top left ) and Graham Crowley ( top right )

Thursday, November 4, 2010