Friday, November 27, 2009

Repositioning studio to gallery

In Deptford there is a huge hub of artist studios: Cor Blimey Arts, Creekside, APT, Artworks to name a few and we are all collected on this rather splendid artmap
Set up by Julia Alvarez of Bearspace who has been one of many pushing for the presence of Deptford on the art scene and has organised this map, tours of Deptford’s galleries and studios as well as a Last Friday openings in the galleries in the area. My, what a treasure trove.

We at CBA have been debating the merits of realigning the studio into a more of a permanent gallery space. Which is great and serious ! It would be profile building for the artists here and mean having constant exhibitions of our works or curated exhibitions. It can only be a good thing…..The only drawback is the organisation of it all which with everyone juggling other commitments is a challenge, things like- when would we open? who would curate/facilitate/invigilate/do press? Then again introduce this idea and people start bubbling away with plans and tap into exciting prospects and opportunities….they will be invigorated- I hope , I think…….plans are hatching

Organisation and Co-Ordination.

I am part of the crew of the Cor Blimey Artists helping organise our open studios exhibition, Fraction. 4-6th December.

I think there are about 25 of us and I have been collecting info for a press release, biogs and mailings.

The studios has not currently got a biog of the artists there so I think it will be useful for them to have. It was also very interesting for me to do as a relatively new member I learnt about everyone here-this is what a few of us wrote :

Cor Blimey Arts studios is based in the famous art hotspot of Creekside and is home to a wealth of national and international talent: graduates of the best UK art schools; Goldsmiths, Wimbledon and the Royal College of Art as well graduate artists from Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and Uruguay

CBA Artists are a variety of emerging and established artists and they have had a startling amount of success; amongst them they have been selected for the following prestigious shows; John Moores Painting Prize, the Jerwood Drawing Prize, Salon 08 and the Creekside Open. There have been commissions for the Crafts Council and winners of the RBS Emerging Artist Award, Design Selected Award and New Cross Art Prize. They have been involved extensively in Deptford X and Brockley Max international art festivals.

The idea of Fraction was that Cor Blimey artists challenged themselves to create innovative artworks within a restricted size. By limiting this aspect they produce a contemporary collection of affordable art; capturing creativity in a thumbnail.

It has been somewhat manic though, helping to organise a show of 25 people’s works and overwhelming in logistics and emails. Our studio manager is incredible.

In terms of CBA there is a fantastic group effort. we utilise all our skills and education and contribute to the lot of the exhibition. It is very satsifying and exciting.

I am learning. I am part of something.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Exhibition Titles

I have been contemplating a title for my show in December 8-18th with Julian Hartnoll.

I have decided on


There are a few reasons;

Firstly it is a title that is provocative and intimate

Secondly the buildings I choose to paint are public or community buildings. They are shaped by society, by the people who use them and they become part of the narrative of that building. Their lives are interwoven to that building. In some cases the public shape the building through consultation as well.

Louise Bourgeois once said ‘Art is all about seduction’ and this title references that powerful statement. Through our work we seek to seduce, we, artists, also put ourselves in a vulnerable position putting our works on display, to be celebrated perhaps in some way or to be rejected or ignored…. We are fragile. Through my own work I feel I give something of my soul to the audience- a fraction of a world I see and source, even though it is also more complex than just this alone it is certainly part of it.. My own stories and other people’s stories become inextricably interwoven.

Julian has a small gallery in St James’ London and wants some small ‘masterpieces’ from me. The biggest painting shall be 30x40cm or so- hence the intimacy as well. Small works has been something that has worked very successfully in the past in terms of progress and experimentation. Working small lets me try out ideas and compositions quickly…or that’s the plan……

Here is what Julian wrote
‘These little pictures by Rosalind Davis work on several levels -technically they are intriguing because where one would expect brush strokes there are stitches; the subjects, more often fifties buidings observed from a picturesque perspective, question the absence of people and what might have happened; and in the title of this exhibition "I am yours" the artist implies some suggestion of a glimpse of herself.’ Julian Hartnoll

Blog 2. I am part of Something.....

I am part of something…..

In my first blog on A-N I was moving towards an exhibition at John Jones in their projection space. The blog had a natural conclusion. I have though been missing the blogging process, the self- reflecting nature, the writing...the conversations and interaction with you. I also found out that few people even enjoyed reading what I wrote and I am sucker for flattery! So here I begin again...its nice to be here.
I feel I am part of arts community, a network. One that I have fought for, cajoled and persuaded people to join or to allow me to join. I now have a handful of wonderful arts mentors and people I can speak to about painting and this complex world of art.

So, since my last blog on A-N I moved into a studio at Cor Blimey Arts on Creekside Deptford. They are an affordable artist’s space- a cooperative as we like to talk to each other and plan exhibitions as well as engaging with the community. There are a lot of very nice people there including my lovely and talented studio mate Elizabeth Murton
Both of us are fascinated by architecture and enjoy radio 4 (a link to the outside world) so it was bound to be the beginnings of something good.
I was not sure if the studio was going to work, that I would sit in the space and feel blocked. I found it impossible to create work at the RCA – I could only work at home- mind you I had about 15cms of desk space so that’s not surprising.
But there has not been much of an opportunity to even allow for that as it has been busy for me with more exhibitions and teaching!
So a little update- after John Jones I had an exhibition with Brighton Phoenix gallery in Brighton and then open studios here at CBA for Deptford X. All the studio artists from the area and galleries opened up and it was a great weekend of art and meeting artists…..thrumming with activity!
The plans have already begun for our Xmas open studios, which I am helping to organise, Fraction: we are going to each create 2 small pieces of work to be auctioned off at the opening.
In December I am also going to be having a solo show with Julian Hartnoll. A ‘ fine art monger’
Julian has a small gallery in St James-‘ the smallest in London!’ he gleefully exclaims. He bought my work earlier this year and now wants to give me an opportunity to show with him. I need to make 10 small new paintings by the end of the month…….so I have to go!