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AIR Interview: Rosalind Davis on the new coalition | AIR | A-N
June 2010

Core Gallery manager, Rosalind Davis was recently interviewed by A-N magazine for their Artists’ Interaction Representation feature. Davis (AIR member, mixed media painter and RCA graduate), discusses her thoughts on the new coalition government and how cuts to arts funding will affect her personally.
In addition Becky Hunter has also written a profile about my work here

Becky Hunter interviewed Rosalind for her website as she is setting up an artist led space in Philadelphia
The interview is about being a practicing artist and gallery co-manager ; the highs, lows and intricate details of setting up, administrating and promoting an artist-run space in Deptford.

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Rosalind's blog ' Being Part of Something' has been chosen as blog of the month for June on Artists Talking, a-n, by artist Sian Hislop. ' It is a perceptive and illuminating insight into the trials and tribulations artists face on their post-college odyssey. Rosalind's blog does more than just record one artist's personal journey - as the title "Becoming Part of Something" suggests. Her posts have the potential to inspire other artists to use their energy and vision to help make change possible.

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' Rosalind Davis reveals herself to be a visionary artist of sensitivity and complexity... Her mixed media paintings of dystopian landscapes incorporate embroidery and floral-print textiles ....they conjure up a claustrophobic world of the uncanny. '
Andrew Bryant, a-n.

' Rosalind's mixed media paintings reflect a fascination with grotty and disused looking buildings which have an underlying importance to the communities they serve.

From a distance broad, bold brush strokes used to depict neglected buildings contrast with delicate, floral print backgrounds but a closer look reveals meticulous detail. Each individual stitch masquerades as a streak of paint.’