Monday, November 21, 2011

A new beginning

It seems apt to restart the blog right now. One million things have happened over the days since I have left posted.

In a tumultuous 48 hours, the studios where I and Core Gallery were housed were lost after negotiations with our Trustees and landlords broke down.
It was time to stop being bullied for us all but at the same time it was terribly traumatic. Since that point over the churning days that followed I also came to realise I wanted independance from the studio group Cor Blimey Arts but at the same time that also meant I shall lose my Core Gallery. Although I founded it and it was my brain child, my blood, my heart and it should have been my priviliege to take with me to pastures new, but, it was not my legal right.
' All anxiety stems from the fear that we'll lose what we have or the future wont be what we want. It seems rational to quell the fear by
winning those battles. But perhaps an equally effective, even preferable solution might be to lose them, decisively and
irreversibly- eliminating the sense of fearful struggle by eliminating the struggle altogether. '' Oliver Burkeman
It was hard to do that, harder than you can imagine. And this is going to be quite a shock for some people. But its time to move forward and tell people this.
Because all is not lost. Not at all. Because now I have the independance, skills and experience to do what I wish and the last year working with Annabel Tilley on DIY Educate I have found a new partnership with her. Annabel is passionate, astute, committed and clever. She makes me laugh and she is great at funding applications. Its a fantastic partnership. So we are going to start anew together in a new space and it actually feels rather fabulous.
DIY Educate continues with us. Genorousity and integrity and the will and desire to nurture artists continues with us.
Its been a incredible 2 years and I have learnt an incredible amount. I had the priviliege to work with amazing artists and curators. Some of which will be part of my future.
With special thanks to Annabel Tilley, Elizabeth Murton, Chantelle Purcell, Jack Hutchinson, Kate Murdoch, Charlotte Norwood, Lisa Snook, Jane Boyer, Becky Hunter, Michaela Nettell and as ever my mentor and Graham Crowley. Here is a potted version of all that I achieved with Core Gallery ( if anyone wants to give me a job- this is what I can do and this time I want to be paid for it! )
Founder , Gallery and Education Manager, Curator: Core Gallery 2009-11
Core Gallery founded by myself and Elizabeth Murton through a determination and initiative to create a dynamic exploratory exhibition and education programme; providing exposure, advise, education and nurturing artists whether emerging or established and to enhance the Cor Blimey Arts studio group profile and assist CBA in making their studios a more vital and desired place to be in a competitive studio market.

I managed a small team working remotely across the world and worked with over 200 artists and Curators: programming curating, co-ordinating, managing, marketing and promoting 17 exhibitions, 30 talks attracting more then 6,000 visitors over 2 years and a 95% increase in the mailing list. An attraction of national press- we were even mentioned in the same breath as Frieze Art Fair.
Over 2 years we secured Funding to carry out workshops and education programmes from a variety of revenue streams local authorities , national charities, corporate sponsorship, crowd funding to run educational projects and bring resources to Core Gallery and Cor Blimey Arts.
and much much more. All assisted by the fabulous group of people named above and many more.
I made partnerships with Artquest, Goldsmith’s, an , AIR, University of the Arts, South London Art Map, LEAN, Matt Roberts Arts , Reprezent Radio, Q-Arts, Jotta, Jerwood Space, Transition Gallery, Standpoint Gallery, CoExist, local schools and community groups in Deptford.
I go forth with these allies and finish with a talk about setting up your own projects and how to achieve the above.
Come along, it would be nice to see you.

I am also luckily talking about Curating etc for an AIR event at Surface Gallery.
And if you have any suggestions for a name or a building I can use then let me know....

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