Monday, May 23, 2011

and its goodbye from me.....

It was our first birthday in April at Core which aptly was exhibiting Extra-Ordinary which I curated with Jane Boyer: Tom Butler, Alyson Helyer and Marion Michell are utterly wonderful.

‘ Never was a title more apt - you really have created something that lives up to its title. It was a pleasure to look at. Stimulating but also, quite overwhelming

when you really consider the content, the work itself, which is so excellent’

DIY Educate has been getting overwhelmingly positive feedback with people visiting us from as far as Southend and Birmingham and people driving from Somerset and Devon to have tutorials with Graham Crowley…!

heres some nuggets of joy – or feedback as others like to call it… the stuff that keeps me going.!

‘Thanks very much for the helpful and motivational talk last night’

‘ A fantastic and informative evening’

‘ I am absolutely amazed at how effective your session was at making me take action.’

‘ Thanks for organising Engine ChatChat. It's great to see what other artists are up to and comforting to know that you're not alone in facing obstacles as to why and how your work won't quite move forwards at times.
And as ever, the nurturing environment pervading Core Gallery always leaves me feeling glad to be associated with such a positive and encouraging place and group of people.

‘Just wanted to let you know how helpful it was to attend the ChatChat . When one is in art school one has a special status and so much input and a real sense of being part of the world of art. Later, after struggling alone to be an artist one can then feel on the outside.

What you all are doing at Core Gallery is admirable as it gives those people who are trying so diligently to continue as artists a chance to feel connected with other artists in the same pursuit, to hear how art practice is discussed at the moment and to begin to feel part of an art community. I can see that it is important in the current financial climate to create the opportunities ourselves.’

For those of you that read this blog you are also part of something and it is really something quite special. Unsurpassed. Goodbye for now, I am starting a new blog , but sure to return and thank you for reading.

Below is a blogger interview about what I am up to for now in my practise as well ...

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