Artists Statement

‘Rosalind Davis reveals herself to be a visionary artist of sensitivity and complexity. Her mixed media paintings of dystopian landscapes incorporate embroidery and floral-print textile…they conjure up a claustrophobic world of the uncanny.’
Andrew Bryant,

Artists Statement;

In Rosalind Davis’ mixed media painting, one finds the power and presence of seemingly barren urban landscapes. Their historical, social and political backgrounds are sutured into architectural dimensions. Rosalind's stitches and brushstrokes repair and give substance, providing scaffolding to what lies beneath and within structural urban design. The environments she represents are but support structures, as the artist envisions the identities and the human experiences that animate the edifices;

‘ their spatial compression and otherwordliness, their conceptual meshing of the social disused or run-down buildings are mended and/or supported through stitching, as well as being somewhat transformed when their painted surfaces melt into, soak and stain the meticulously printed backdrop.’ Becky Hunter

The meticulousness of the printed textiles possesses intimate and alluring qualities. They not only provide cultural and historical links to the eras of the buildings but equally emphasize the fragility of the spaces, the people therein and the disconcerting juxtaposition between aesthetics and meaning.

Rosalind Davis is a graduate from the RCA (2005) and Chelsea College of Art (2003) She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally including Salon 08, The Clare Morris Open, the Grieve and Samaritans Art Prize, Fringe MK Painting Prize, The London Art Fair and had solo shows at Julian Hartnoll, John Jones, Deptford X and The Residence Gallery all in London.
Davis was commissioned for the first fine art exhibition at The Roundhouse in 2009 which then toured to Brussels to the Theatre Opt De Markt (the International Circus and Theatre Festival).

Recently Davis was Selected for the Ludlow Summer, open by Lara Grieve, The Jerwood Foundation, Yvonne Crossley, The Drawing Gallery, David Roberts, The Alan Cristea Gallery and has also been selected for the Ing Discerning Eye Exhibition and The UK Young Artists Event

Davis’ blog on Artist’s talking provides a ‘perceptive and illuminating insight into the trials and tribulations artists face’ has received much acclaim,
on visual arts directory a-n ( winning the accolade of 2009’s blog of the year and selected as choice blogs of the month more than once

Davis is a lecturer and creative practitioner; speaking at The Stroud International Textiles Festival, University of The Arts and the London Fringe and teaches at University of the Arts, West Dean College, Phoenix Brighton, The Tower of London and Transport for London amongst others.

Rosalind is also gallery manager of Core Gallery, an artist led space in Deptford, London which has a dynamic exhibition programme showcasing international artists and curators.

Rosalind Davis MA RCA