Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The end of the Race !

My my my !What a couple of weeks! My head aches…..!

The race for ideas workshop was indeed a race- a half term festival of learning and it went very well. I organised 10 primary school children to visit between them, 9 museums in 2.5 days in Central London, organised workshops or tours where possible in the venues and pointed them towards objects that would reference the Olympic values ( friendship, courage, equality, inspiration, excellence, determination and respect) with the help of these many venues’ cooperation. Facilitated and co-managed by the marvellous Sophie from Camden Council and Sian from London Transport Museum who not only created this amazing project but helped and advised on my coordination but took the kids around these venues, bought wickedly lovely cakes when much needed and so much more!

The students learnt what a Sarcophagus was ( and indeed how to spell it) from Sir John Soane’s Museums, were inspired by Dr Johnson- who spent 9 years pennilessly compiling the English Dictionary, were awed by the tree of life in the British Museum and painted to music in the October gallery amongst other activities! With me onsite at school the kids came back inspired, where I had created a system of symbols for the values and we created flags, maps, sculptures, drawings and treasure boxes.

A member of the Olympic committee who visited on the Friday seemed super impressed by the activities. Maybe I can sell them my symbols system…….some of that arts council funding that has been cut could be put towards it methinks. ….?

On the Core Gallery side of things Helen, Elizabeth and Gillian have been whipping up a fabulous gallery mission statement. Plus I attended my first Deptford Art map meeting- very exciting! Talking to all the other galleries who seem really excited by cor blimey studio’s development into a gallery and I am looking forward to more dialogue with them. It really is a community and such a thriving and ambitious art area! I can’t wait until we launch in April, (although so much to do! )…oh and we have some free studio space if you are interested in joining us in Deptford……contact us at www.corblimeyarts.com for a lookie….

On the art side of things, my solo shows: A Difference in Vision and Belong ( one in Regents Place, London and one in Bedford College are both up. Please check www.rosalinddavis.co.uk for more details of dates, times etc. The private view for A Difference in Vision has unfortunately been moved 3 times to mid march due to unforeseen circumstances, which has been a bit messy for my invitations but sure it will be great!
This week I am going to get back to some serious painting (ah bliss!) and more meetings! One of which is for a group show at Core Gallery that I shall be in with artists Enver Gursev and Neil Kelly called Wilderness to open in May…….

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Olympic values.....

Its been a crazy 2 weeks- I shouldn’t be surprised really at this stage!
I have a freelance job as a project manager and workshop practitioner for a half term project with Camden council and London Transport Museum.

Part of the role is liasing with cultural venues in Camden- The British Library, British Museum, Wellcome Trust and Sir John Soanes etc. Writing workshops for off site trips as well as creating workshops to deliver myself to students. Its about the Olympic values- friendship, equality, courage, respect, determination…..etc. etc.
It is my biggest teaching project yet and dizzying to me in its magnitude, but thrilling also. I realise how much I love working with people, interacting and co-ordinating. I feel connected to so many people.

Compared to a about a year ago where I felt rather isolated and invisible, - I really am becoming part of something. The studio is a huge part of it- and now Core Gallery, this beautiful idea emerged as a result of collective thoughts and determination. I am project managing that as well

So much is going on- we have a wall planner and already it is filling up with exhibitions. We even had our first tour of the gallery space as a potential location for an MFA show from Goldsmiths! We are opening at the end of April with Nick Kaplony’s show and hope our website shall be up and running soon! I just have to keep my head screwed on and on top of everything- deep breath!