Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Olympic values.....

Its been a crazy 2 weeks- I shouldn’t be surprised really at this stage!
I have a freelance job as a project manager and workshop practitioner for a half term project with Camden council and London Transport Museum.

Part of the role is liasing with cultural venues in Camden- The British Library, British Museum, Wellcome Trust and Sir John Soanes etc. Writing workshops for off site trips as well as creating workshops to deliver myself to students. Its about the Olympic values- friendship, equality, courage, respect, determination…..etc. etc.
It is my biggest teaching project yet and dizzying to me in its magnitude, but thrilling also. I realise how much I love working with people, interacting and co-ordinating. I feel connected to so many people.

Compared to a about a year ago where I felt rather isolated and invisible, - I really am becoming part of something. The studio is a huge part of it- and now Core Gallery, this beautiful idea emerged as a result of collective thoughts and determination. I am project managing that as well

So much is going on- we have a wall planner and already it is filling up with exhibitions. We even had our first tour of the gallery space as a potential location for an MFA show from Goldsmiths! We are opening at the end of April with Nick Kaplony’s show and hope our website shall be up and running soon! I just have to keep my head screwed on and on top of everything- deep breath!

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