Friday, November 27, 2009

Repositioning studio to gallery

In Deptford there is a huge hub of artist studios: Cor Blimey Arts, Creekside, APT, Artworks to name a few and we are all collected on this rather splendid artmap
Set up by Julia Alvarez of Bearspace who has been one of many pushing for the presence of Deptford on the art scene and has organised this map, tours of Deptford’s galleries and studios as well as a Last Friday openings in the galleries in the area. My, what a treasure trove.

We at CBA have been debating the merits of realigning the studio into a more of a permanent gallery space. Which is great and serious ! It would be profile building for the artists here and mean having constant exhibitions of our works or curated exhibitions. It can only be a good thing…..The only drawback is the organisation of it all which with everyone juggling other commitments is a challenge, things like- when would we open? who would curate/facilitate/invigilate/do press? Then again introduce this idea and people start bubbling away with plans and tap into exciting prospects and opportunities….they will be invigorated- I hope , I think…….plans are hatching

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