Friday, November 13, 2009

Exhibition Titles

I have been contemplating a title for my show in December 8-18th with Julian Hartnoll.

I have decided on


There are a few reasons;

Firstly it is a title that is provocative and intimate

Secondly the buildings I choose to paint are public or community buildings. They are shaped by society, by the people who use them and they become part of the narrative of that building. Their lives are interwoven to that building. In some cases the public shape the building through consultation as well.

Louise Bourgeois once said ‘Art is all about seduction’ and this title references that powerful statement. Through our work we seek to seduce, we, artists, also put ourselves in a vulnerable position putting our works on display, to be celebrated perhaps in some way or to be rejected or ignored…. We are fragile. Through my own work I feel I give something of my soul to the audience- a fraction of a world I see and source, even though it is also more complex than just this alone it is certainly part of it.. My own stories and other people’s stories become inextricably interwoven.

Julian has a small gallery in St James’ London and wants some small ‘masterpieces’ from me. The biggest painting shall be 30x40cm or so- hence the intimacy as well. Small works has been something that has worked very successfully in the past in terms of progress and experimentation. Working small lets me try out ideas and compositions quickly…or that’s the plan……

Here is what Julian wrote
‘These little pictures by Rosalind Davis work on several levels -technically they are intriguing because where one would expect brush strokes there are stitches; the subjects, more often fifties buidings observed from a picturesque perspective, question the absence of people and what might have happened; and in the title of this exhibition "I am yours" the artist implies some suggestion of a glimpse of herself.’ Julian Hartnoll

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