Friday, November 13, 2009

Blog 2. I am part of Something.....

I am part of something…..

In my first blog on A-N I was moving towards an exhibition at John Jones in their projection space. The blog had a natural conclusion. I have though been missing the blogging process, the self- reflecting nature, the writing...the conversations and interaction with you. I also found out that few people even enjoyed reading what I wrote and I am sucker for flattery! So here I begin again...its nice to be here.
I feel I am part of arts community, a network. One that I have fought for, cajoled and persuaded people to join or to allow me to join. I now have a handful of wonderful arts mentors and people I can speak to about painting and this complex world of art.

So, since my last blog on A-N I moved into a studio at Cor Blimey Arts on Creekside Deptford. They are an affordable artist’s space- a cooperative as we like to talk to each other and plan exhibitions as well as engaging with the community. There are a lot of very nice people there including my lovely and talented studio mate Elizabeth Murton
Both of us are fascinated by architecture and enjoy radio 4 (a link to the outside world) so it was bound to be the beginnings of something good.
I was not sure if the studio was going to work, that I would sit in the space and feel blocked. I found it impossible to create work at the RCA – I could only work at home- mind you I had about 15cms of desk space so that’s not surprising.
But there has not been much of an opportunity to even allow for that as it has been busy for me with more exhibitions and teaching!
So a little update- after John Jones I had an exhibition with Brighton Phoenix gallery in Brighton and then open studios here at CBA for Deptford X. All the studio artists from the area and galleries opened up and it was a great weekend of art and meeting artists…..thrumming with activity!
The plans have already begun for our Xmas open studios, which I am helping to organise, Fraction: we are going to each create 2 small pieces of work to be auctioned off at the opening.
In December I am also going to be having a solo show with Julian Hartnoll. A ‘ fine art monger’
Julian has a small gallery in St James-‘ the smallest in London!’ he gleefully exclaims. He bought my work earlier this year and now wants to give me an opportunity to show with him. I need to make 10 small new paintings by the end of the month…….so I have to go!

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