Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I am Yours

Friday looms. Everything happens on Friday….

Fraction and our open studios as well as delivery of my new works to Julian.

I have created about 15 new works in the last few weeks. I don’t know how. I am beyond tired. ….hysterical laughter bubbles up quickly…..the tranquillity of making the works lies deeply though. ...and the determination. Calming, keeping me alight.

The work for the exhibition I am Yours and Fraction has been an interesting journey. the intimacy of the sizes has invoked a reflection of a deeply changed emotional landscape for me. the works are more of a personal narrative, ….still purposefully using the buildings to illustrate these ideas that are more than me…..but the titles reflect upon this highly personal aspect. A jigsaw to put together

Artwork Titles;

The Journey Begins and Ends Here

Last Orders

The Winter Palace

The Watchtower

The Castle

The Martyr


From Afar, From Afar

belong to nothing

belong to no-one

belong nowhere…..

Belong somewhere

Here lies my confession

Here I laid hope

Here I laid to rest

Out of the dust comes light and power


I am Yours

I give to thee

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