Monday, December 7, 2009

Core Gallery!

Fraction opened with aplomb and the exhibition is very strong. Talking to my fellow studio artists they say that Elizabeth , my studio mate and I who are amongst the new arrivals here have been told that we have come in with some great energy and organisation, that there is a feeling of productivity that had been missing here. Neil who helped with the concept of Fraction said the fact that people were forced to make new works for the show was motivating for everyone. For us, we are thrilled to have energised the space. We have lots of ideas of how we want to connect with people and the possibilites seem endless. We are all now discussing the possibilities of making the studios into a gallery space!

E and I have thought we could name the gallery ; Core Gallery. Then its linked into the title of our studios

We are hoping to get guest curators, make links with other studios/ students/ organisations. Invite proposals, possibly curate and more! Its very exciting, this new chapter.

We are all going to become part of something.

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