Friday, December 18, 2009

A review of I am Yours. My solo show at Julian Hartnoll Gallery

I am afraid I am empty of words right here is a review of my show at Julian Hartnoll Gallery by a spectacular artist Enver Gursev, who kindly sent me this after seeing the exhibition:

' “I Am Yours” by Rosalind Davis consists of a series of small paintings on patterned textiles, which are embellished with delicate stitching.

The subject is consistent; deserted landscapes mostly urban, with buildings sitting majestically under floral skies. The impeccable stitching sitting on and in between the forms, evokes sensations of desperate care, as one might feel for a dying relative. It is almost as if by carefully underpinning the abandoned scenery, Davis is trying to rescue the memories they are imbued with from impending demise. The work exudes a quiet sympathy for these places and the people that once inhabited them.

Among the many works, ‘I Am Yours’ and ‘Thawing’ depict intricate yet disconcerting fairground environments. ‘I Give to Thee’ and ‘Belong to Someone’ are beautifully worked compositions, teetering on the edge of abstraction. ‘Belong to Something’, dwells on the grim landscape of the Kidbrooke Estate in South East London.

Visually vibrant and intellectually moving, this show shines massively in the tiny confines of the charming Julian Hartnoll gallery. '

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