Thursday, January 7, 2010

I am afraid I have been rather lax on the blog front.

After my show with Julian Hartnoll I hit a slump and my body melted down along with my weary head. I always marvel at how these things; paintings and exhibitions can both exhaust and of course invigorate you.

The show with Julian was great. Julian Hartnoll is a charming man and we even got a piece in the financial times. Hurrah !

It has been 12 months of huge change, artistically a miasma of development and opportunity. 12 exhibitions, overlapping and clashing and finally a studio where I can be enlivened and thrive in as well.

I am now though, thirsty for new research and visual stimulation and I am slowly emerging from the marathon of last year.

The studio/ gallery idea is to be put back into the forefront of events. There is a lot to do: planning, programming etc. I am not sure how any of it will work…but I think it will. With some elbow grease and vision and people working together……all very exciting.

Next week I am in the London Art fair with Long and Ryle Gallery and have been working on another large painting of Elephant and Castle for it. and then....time for research and planning

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