Friday, January 22, 2010

Core Gallery Meeting no 2.

Core Gallery

We had a second and fuller meeting about developing our studios into more of a gallery space/artists initiative… one of the newly set up Gallery Committee members there are lots of logistics and politics to get through.

Our first main issue is the name. Cor Blimey Arts Studios is the current name for our space. We cant change it completely as we have charitable status, plus we have a board of trustees some of whom live in Somerset, half are up for it, the others it is unknown.…….the studios and their artists have moved on in their output. there is a desire for those of us in the studios to be taken somewhat seriously now . We pay rent so surely we should have some say so?

Hence kick-starting this gallery idea…..

We have to work within some kind of parameters of that name in terms of branding and also to try and persuade our trustees to allow us to do this, so the suggestion was Core Gallery. Connected but different…..

If we cant change the name of the gallery space we shall have to do something else, somewhere else……possibly we could have a splinter group of artists, collective, utilising empty spaces to put on exhibitions….be part of something….

Other news is that London Art Fair with Long and Ryle Gallery was a success and they have some of my works hanging in their gallery in Pimlico until mid feb which is great. Then 2 more solo shows pending in feb-literally opening on the same day I think. One in Regents Place, London with Trudie Stephenson and an exhibition with Bedford College where I lecture occasionally…..the new year didn’t take long to have many scheduling clashes! It is all invigorating though!

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