Monday, January 25, 2010

new technology.....

I have a new phone that is terribly unreliable which doesn’t help a gal with sleeping problems. Today the alarm did not go off at all and some part of my slumbering self must have realised it was getting lighter in my room. I shot out of bed at 8am ( should have been 7am ) and left the house in 6 minutes flat!
I am at my admin job today- where I am a drone for the day ( financial security is a must for me to be able to paint so this is a necessary evil ) I have not painted for about 2 weeks since I dropped off my last piece to Long and Ryle for the London Art Fair. It feels strange.
I don’t know what’s happened with the time- except I have finally done my tax return and sorted out lots of admin. Plus read the December and January Saturday Guardian Newspapers – hurrah!

I have not been sure what I was going to paint next and I was thinking I was going to have some time to really research my next research trips around and outside London but I am about to send all my work out to 3 different places. I will have no works left for anything if I need it… I need to crack on! One idea however has been brewing subtly in the background and it began to form over the weekend. The addictive elixir of paint is drawing me back……..

The other good thing is more teaching is coming my way. I am doing mixed media courses for adults at West Dean College and Brighton Phoenix and am back at The Stephen Lawrence Centre and Bedford over the coming months. Hopefully one day, not too far away, I may be able to exist on this and painting alone…..

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