Monday, March 1, 2010

Exquisite Corpse- our launch is confirmed!

Our launch show for Core Gallery, opening on the 30th April has been decided:

"Exquisite Corpse" An Exhibition and Curatorial experiment by 11 International artists and curators. Co-ordinated by Nick Kaplony

‘Also known as "exquisite cadaver" or "rotating corpse" Exquisite Corpse is a method by which a collection of words or images is collectively assembled

In this context Exquisite Corpse is an experimental approach to constructing an exhibition selected in response to the corridor like structure of the Core gallery itself. A number of curators and artists have gathered to play and to construct the Corpse. The game works like this. A chain of curators/selectors is established, the first curator in the chain selects an artist for inclusion in the show. The next curator in the chain selects an artist in response to the work selected by the previous work selected. Each curator can only see the selection of the previous link in the chain so it continues and so it continues until the Corpse is completed.’ Nick Kaplony

Nick is a genius.
Matt Roberts is going to be one of the curators which is fantastic news and it is going to be rather sensational!

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