Friday, March 19, 2010

Bun House Bandits and Bea De Souza

My fingers are healing from my bike crash albeit a little sore, but I wanted to write a little.

My meeting with Bea De Souza from Agency Gallery was invigorating. Bea gave me lots of sage advice and also said she would help input into our development. It gave me an idea that I should try and set up a few more meetings with the Deptford Art map Galleries in the area and just say hi. Some are more forthcoming than others. I guess some people are part of something really because they have to be rather than want to have enthralling and stimulating conversations and exchange of ideas. Each to their own I guess…..

I mean in many ways I keep thinking what am I doing? Am I insane to be setting up a gallery? I have not only my own practise to think about , but teaching, lecturing and blogging, finding more art related work, entering competitions and writing proposals, well that is plenty to do but somehow I want to make this work and all the studio members that are working so hard alongside me and are such great cogs in this Core Gallery Machine , well they are relying on me to make this work… no pressure then!

…now my mind is occupied with how we could get a bit of funding to run the space, but my god, funding applications are an art of their own and so much trouble one just gives up………Bea suggested trying to get funding for an International Residency which sounds great , but just exactly how?

I did meet some other art geniuses last week as well who run an experimental art space and studios. The art space is in a place called The Bunhouse in Peckham, which always looked to me as I passed it on my journeys through Peckham like a scary tumbleweed blowing , locals only kind of place albeit with beautiful tiles and authentic mouldings. Well blow me, it actually houses a thriving exhibition space and arts community plus the bar staff give you chip sticks and jelly babies with your pint of Stella and are actually super friendly and have a fantastically diverse crowd due to the bunhouse bandits I am guessing. Plus of course intersting exhibitions.

You can read more about them here

Craig and Francis are an inspiration to Core Gallery

Okay ouch ,my fingers hurt now. Have to go

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