Thursday, April 8, 2010

11 curators!

So after a little glutting on much wine and chocolate over stupendously late night backgammon over easter the race is back on and :

Ta Da! The first phase of Exquisite Corpse is done, all the curators are confirmed and my my they are pretty dazzling and an honour for them to work with Core Gallery

Nick Kaplony

freelance curator, artist and Exhibitions Officer at Battersea’s Pump House Gallery and genius behind Exquisite Corpse:

Claire Heafford

Art consultant and curator

Matt Roberts from Matt Roberts Arts and the famous Salon competitions,

Gallery in Vyner st

Sarah Schuster, Curator at Pumphouse Gallery Battersea

Medeia Cohan-Petrolino, Curator of The University of the Arts London

Angelica Sule, Curator of Gallery Primo Alonso in East London

Laura Eldret

Collecting Live Art

Zoe Whitley

Curator from V&A, Contemporary Collections

Julia Alvarez, Curator, Bearspace Gallery , Deptford

Helen Griffiths

Bea De Souza

Agency Gallery , Deptford

The chain of artists is also coming along and sure to be as dazzling hurrah!

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