Wednesday, April 28, 2010

All is coming together.....and collective crush on Nick Kaplony!

Holy friggin wotsits! The website is up! Still needs to be added to , but at last we have the holding page live
I cant tell you how thrilled I am !
The banner ,has also arrived today! Hooray !

The last couple of days we have been setting up Exquisite Corpse with Nick Kaplony and Helen Griffiths, sorting out and tidying the existing space, everyone mucking in and now all but one piece is up and it looks Exqusite. Justin Richel’s work is stuck in Customs and we are hoping will arrive any minute. …

We have all actually fallen a little bit in love with Nick, he is such an excellent, fun and intelligent guy. Although he is laidback, he is super competent and knows exactly what he is doing- a refreshing attitude in my experience!

Yesterday we had 3 prestigious curators in the space for meetings, Nick of course, then Zoe Whitley from the V& A and Eva Langret from Delfina. All here gladly. Zoe and Eva came here to talk about our next exhibition at Core Gallery which they are curating: Wilderness, featuring me, Enver Gursev and Neil Kelly, opening in May. A night of group discussion which was fantastic.

I cannot believe the progress that has been made in the last few months. I genuinely feel astounded. I came to Cor Blimey Arts Studios just 7 months ago and here we are with a gallery about to open, working with some incredible people.
I was remembering how I met Nick, through a one to one on Artquest about 3 years or so ago, I kept in touch and now, well its unbelievable to think here we are now, working together on a show. An unbelievably Exquisite exhibition and an ambitious exhibition programme that people want to be part of.
Right now I am dancing!
Tomorrow, gulp, we launch!

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