Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Highs and Lows of 2011

Highs and lows of 2011

My last blog outlined some of these things but to follow the a-n blogging way as inspired by Emily Speed I shall also make a little list


  • Core Gallery: launching in April: working with over 100 artists and curators, forging partnerships, giving exposure and support to artists and curators.
  • Input from Jane Boyer, Gillian Best Powell and Elizabeth Murton as team mates for the gallery who have been splendid.
  • Having Graham Crowley as a supporter for Core, a mentor and Relay exhibition Partner
  • Hosting an AIR Activist meeting !
  • In general being on a-n and all the wonderful people I have met through it
  • People’s generosity and support such as Matt Roberts, Andrew Bryant and Nick Kaplony
  • Chantelle’s Core Gallery Interviews:
  • A successful chair appeal for the Gallery :
  • Launching DIY Educate
  • Meeting Amy Mckenny at Coexist ( with whom we shall be having a collaborative exhibition in 2011)

Me ( personal achievements as an artist )

  • Learning so much from the artists and curators I have worked with
  • Being elected to the AIR Council ( very exciting! )
  • Exhibiting and being in Derby for the UKYA events, selected for the ING Discerning Eye, Lynn Painters Stainers Prize and having a solo show in Regent St London as well as Wilderness Exhibition and talk.
  • Being blog of the month in June on a-n.
  • Teaching at West Dean College, Brighton Phoenix and University of the Arts
  • Having a new extended family made up of my cor blimey studio mates and wider members and being part of the Deptford Art Scene
  • Having a commissioned articled published in a-n in July as well as a letter in their magazine in November 2011
  • Getting some very nice press regards of Becky Hunter, AIR’s Jack Hutchinson and doing my first radio interview with Reprezent and really enjoying it
  • Exhibitions outside of Core: Gauguin, Phylidda Barlow and Fiona Mcdonald at Coexist, Fade Away at Transition Gallery , The Crash Open Salon at Charlie Dutton Gallery, Vicky Wright at Josh Lilley Gallery

  • Lows:
  • Overworked and underpaid!Being so tired that I thought my brain would snap at times.
  • Having to be an uneducated web developer for our website because the guy who did it has abandoned us to his unfinished job!
  • Not having enough work to quit my part time job yet as admin bunny
  • The government
  • The A3 laminator breaking

To look forward to:

  • Exhibitions at Core Gallery in 2011; including curating exhibitions with Jane Boyer and Annabel Tilley
  • DIY educate in action working with lots of DIY educators
  • Having my work exhibited in India
  • More teaching
  • Hopefully getting out of my part time job as admin bunny
  • Restored hearing in my ear so I am not quite so hard of hearing.
  • Being asked to be a judge for Xhibit , a University of The Arts Exhibitions

Overall though and to reiterate, I am so very happy this has all been wonderful way to be part of something and thank everyone for their input throughout the year
Happy New Year !