Monday, December 6, 2010

Selection for the AIR Council, step forward Councillor Davis

Image courtesy of Edd Pearman and Ceal Warnants.

Relay,our exhibition at Core came together beautifully in the end. A lot of people worked extremely hard. As suspected, assocations were created throughout the show as Jane eloquently puts it

‘The first part of the show is loosely based in structure as container, containment, imprisonment; house as metaphor for the body. It is this structure which houses and holds the potential to distort the soul.
As one moves through Relay, structure as metaphor gives way to the actual body/psychology which confronts its physicality and the force of time and limitations. The translation of physicality upwards to the resonant sounds of the soul gives way to charms imbued with meaning, mythology and spirituality.’ Jane Boyer

Jane Boyer came from France for the show and it was a delight to meet her in person and spend time with her and her works. The more we talk the more solutions we find.

One of the ideas that came out over supper before the show was a chair appeal – a much needed resource for our space for our DIY Educate next year and on the private view we got 10 chairs! Contributions came from many of our friends and supporters at the gallery including from the lovely Jane, Annabel Tilley and Rob Turner all a-n bloggers. See more about our chair appeal on

There was in addition an open studios this weekend as well for us at Cor Blimey which was good fun as always but very exhausting ( I have been working at least 12 hours a day on average , for 7 days for I don’t know how long- last weekend I was teaching at the Phoenix in Brighton). Also a couple of weeks ago I had a fantastic crit with Graham Crowley who has given me a solution to the age old problem of ‘ how do I move my practice forward…’
We will be opening up these crits from Graham and other artists to other artists in order for them to get much needing practical and conceptual feedback into work. The bare essentials of the DIY educate are now online,so you can seem more there.

I also have some other very good news ; I have been elected to the AIR Council!

I am very excited about being part of a new something. Already I have ideas about how AIR could harness more exposure to our causes as artists. I cant wait to get started.

We also have the great delight to be hosting an AIR Activists event at Core Gallery on Weds 8th December and all are welcome to come, see the AIR page or

See you there I hope , and dont forget to buy a chair!

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