Monday, August 9, 2010

Benefts of Core gallery Part I

Images from artists showing in the Eighteenth Emergency curated by Andrew Bryant

Andrew Bryant, Frauke Dannert, Chas Higginbottom, Stefan Sulzer,
Burcu Yagciogul and Daniel P. Lichtmann

As someone who is very sensitive to criticism one person’s negativity can completely plummet me into doubt about what we are striving to do in the gallery , rather than actually looking at the other many many people who are completely positive and thrilled with our progression as a gallery and for whom there are many tangible benefits.

So it is time to evaluate and look at the positives.

Liz and I saw the potential that lay in the idea of the gallery and brought in energy. Yes it’s a lot of work but we both thrive on the challenges and the

Benefits of Core Gallery….Part I


We are bringing external international, local, professional, emerging, outsider, student, and community art to the space, to inspire and create dialogue and excitement in an underused space.

Developing our presence and reaching more audiences= increased opportunities

By establishing new relationships with these people we can attract more of an audience to our space for Cor Blimey Events.

With each show, with a further online presence we can reach more people.

As many people are professional artists in the studios, this is exactly what they want to develop and further their work, to increase sales and opportunities and even if just to increase their audiences, whoever they may be, and not necessarily sell work

We have also had and shall continue to have several CBA members shows throughout the year which are fully supported of course by those who work on Core Gallery

As a gallery we regularly receive Deptford Art Map tours for shows which is very beneficial


Core Gallery helps to nurture and support these relationships between external artists and our CBA members You can meet other artists and curators : strike up a dialogue and a collaboration could be fostered or even just a friendship! As a result of work done on the gallery so far there is tangible evidence of benefits:

Artists have sold artworks, been invited to exhibit in future curated show and had career opportunities, increased profiles etc.

Elizabeth Murton has been commissioned to create an installation at DX


Engine Chat chat , peer on peer critique , Art Talks with professional artists and curators

Artists workshops

Community drawing

All of these are interesting and educational to both our studio artists and external members


The gallery is offering internships to new graduates interested in the arts to develop their skills and knowledge in the arts sector and gather valuable insight into a working gallery space.

‘ Rosalind consistently assigned worthwhile projects and was very mindful of the individual strengths and interests of those involved., I especially liked how much freedom I had when approaching certain tasks. Ros was always open to new ideas and welcomed the opinions and suggestions of others. Finally, her advice as a gallery manager and practising artist was incredibly valuable to my ongoing exploration of the contemporary art world.

Overall, this experience allowed me to work on challenging projects in a dynamic arts environment.’

Emily. Our first intern June 2010

Studios currently available! Please see for more info

Part II shortly

PLus coming up: why external artists benefit from showing in artist led spaces!

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