Monday, August 2, 2010

Art isn’t just something you trip over to get to your studio

The benefits of Core Gallery to studio members is now about 5 pages long and I shall oublish excerpts onto here- it shall be a good guide for anyone who wants to know about setting up an artist led space as there are many benefits which everyone is aware of but its good to have something in writing, so its there on record and clear as things have been moving so fast, we have hardly taken a breath; it helps with new studio member s as well , so they can see all the activites we undertake as part of a cooperative
. The trustees will also benefit from seeing the fruits of our labours.

It begins thus ‘ Art isn’t just something you trip over to get to your studio…’

Also 2 more exhibitions for the gallery. Monochrome set sees ex studio members Pat and Hanz ( Patrick Morrisey and Clive ( Hanz) Hancock return to us with their brilliant collaborative exhibition with Leyla Folwell.

Patrick studied at Goldsmiths a while ago and then left art and has now returned with works about utilizing ‘systems’ which are basically geometric/ numeric and ultimately tangential.
As Patrick explains:
‘ This work has sympathy with the neo-concrete/neo constuctivist methodology of the late 20th centuryThe title of the show is intended to bind the works together under a theme which may evoke any number of associations with Pop culture, kinetiscism etc. This is deliberate.
Clive Hancock ( Hanz) has evolved his method as an ‘outsider’ artist, having had no formal art education. His work again, has its routes in the late 20th century and also the contemporary practice of neo constructivism ‘
Bringing in the talented Leyla Folwell- a current CBA member who explores similar themes in ceramic work; concentrating on the deconstruction of simple everyday forms. Her unique making method captures energy in motion which she turns to stone. The show starts on the 8th October.

We are also delighted to have Pleasure Parlour, a 3 day festival and exhibition: Enver Gursev and Kelda Hole ( 2 Cor Blimey Members) , work with invited artists: Holly Revell and my very own father Pater Davis. An exhibition of photography, painting, installation and sculptures, exploring the naked form / nudes with live music and performance art along the way …..pretty exciting and alternative. My father was thrilled to be asked by Enver and so too was I. His sculpture is incredible, even if I do say so myself. His work is in the South Africa National gallery amongst other big South African Collections, where he began his work and I hope we get him some good exposure with Core Gallery At 78 my father is not slowing down a bit and he loves getting peoples reaction and engaging people with his work. I guess that may be where I get some of my passion for engagement from him. He has also written some interesting articles on sculpture that will be interesting to have in the gallery during the show as an educational tool.
Okay to page 6 now of the benefits of artist led spaces…….

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