Monday, July 26, 2010

Recovery is quick

I apologise for my little moan of exasperation in my previous post

thank you to Jane Boyer

Emily Speed

and Susan Francis

( all artists and all bloggers on a-n ) as well as a variety of other friends and supporters who perked me up with their commiseration, ideas, thoughts and suggestions all of which I am taking on board! So, thank you. Its nice to hear from you

These as well as other factors have contributed to a more positive outlook and reinforced all that we have achieved so far.

Firstly the tingle of excitement of having several marvellously strong shows lined up : the Eighteenth Emergency and Sisyphus amongst them . Both shows look fascinating and I realise how much I alone learn from having exposure to these artists and curators, their intriguing interesting ideas and all their concepts/ works/ practices.

As I said in the previous blog , the DX open submission is also very exciting, to see the wealth of talent that could show in our space is inspiring. ( 5 days left to enter! )

We also now have two new interns. Charlotte and Jo and they each have projects to work on that we tailored to their own interests and strengths.

Charlotte our press intern has written the most wonderful and illuminating press release for the Eighteenth Emergency. After her first day with us, doing admin, I handed over the artists cv’s, info etc and from it, she wove something wonderful. I am looking forward to her future input

Joanna is looking at our sponsorship programme and inspired us to move this forward as with her assistance we hope we can make it worthwhile. Jo has some great ideas and gumption. She will also be responsible for sales for our exhibitions, someone that can talk about the artworks and promote it at our shows. Not that Core is at all about sales, but we have some amazing talent in the space and they can benefit from our help in attracting collectors for their work. Both bright sparks!

I received a lovely report from my previous intern who seems to have gained a lot from her time with us , which was just 8 weeks so I hope that our new ladies shall be equally pleased by the end of their time with us. As ever I learn from them too.

A couple of friends have also said they shall assist me in my own practise on the admin side – very kind of them too!

Inb practical terms I am going to try and make a stricter schedule for myself in terms of paperwork and allocate specific time to painting and paperwork and try not to stray. In my non art job I am negotiating a sabbatical so that I can test the waters of having no financial security in order to see if it is manageable and that I can sustain myself. to have an extra days to work on the gallery and my projects shall hopefully be fruitful- I am just nervous of losing guarantedd security but more and more I know I have to make the leap. At least it shall give me time to breathe.

Finally I somehow did manage to fit in some amazing exhibitions at The Agency Gallery, Utrophia, Aubin and Wills in Redchurch street and a show which engaged me and invigorated me. A tonic for the soul.

I painted too in the end, after my wonky week , I am starting a piece about The Cadburys Factory in Stonebridge which has the most startling back story of its slow shut down and the loss of jobs for generations of communities that I initially heard on radio 4, fascinating story

Not bad for seeking a bit of clarity……group effort I say !

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