Thursday, July 22, 2010

A quest for clarity ....

My mind is a little fraught ; the gallery is taking up a huge portion of my thinking and of course time. I find myself caught between wondering more how to advance the gallery than my own career as an artist. I haven’t made much new work in the last two months as a result and anxiety for both roles is biting at my heels.....

I have to make both these jobs sustainable as selling paintings is slow these days and also I think that my work has a wider focus than just being in a gallery, it is becoming a documentation of society...

For both I think I need to find funding somehow

For the gallery we have a plan for philanthropists that we have just launched. You can now help support Core Gallery from just £35 per year and we have dreamed up loads of great benefits!

Now we just need to find some supporters…….

Here is our newsletter which has more info on that as well as everything else we have coming up.

After a 14 hour day on Tuesday on gallery matters in my tiredness I smashed three plates in dazed clumsiness, knocked over countless glasses of water as well.

The following day I spent an hour travelling to drop off a painting, only to realise that I had brought the wrong one and then had to return and pick up the right one. I lost 4 valuable hours and was so mad at myself for being so silly and the fact that I am usually so organised it is a startling contrast as my mind is obviously elsewhere.

With my own practise I am not sure where to begin funding wise: I need a research and development grant to expand the scope of my work, but with all the funding cuts going on I am hesitant that writing a funding application will be worthwhile and perhaps instead we should just focus on getting projects for the gallery. I do not have enough time is clear and really what I want to do is paint right now….. hopefully a little clarity shall come soon….somehow……

The good news is that Elizabeth has been commissioned to do an installation for Deptford X, so this makes Core Gallery a little more sustainable for her. Also after a review of the way we both work in the gallery we decided on a slightly different title than Gallery Manager: Research and Development manager’ which suits more the skills Liz has in coming up with innovative ideas, whilst the day to day project managing is more suited to me.

The Deptford X open submission we are running is looking very healthy, I said at the beginning the standard was very high and it remains that way with a diverse array of works. The judges shall have a tough decision but I already know we shall have a fantastic show at the end.

The deadline is 31st July, so do get your submission in…..

Now back to trying to find some clarity

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