Thursday, May 6, 2010

Exquisite Opening.

I owe an apology! A whole week without update on how the Exquisite Corpse private view and first week went. I have battling with a funding application ( more weeping and comforting tea at hand, thank you also Emily Speed for the consolation! )

Well , the Exquisite Corpse exhibition has been going very very well. About 450 people have come through the doors- local artists, studios, galleries, collectors, the general public, important people from various organisations have also come in support. It feels very very great to be part of something.
The private view was super excellent fun with some fantastic performance from La Donne and live music from the Islington Boys Club and Sex Funeral , who I somehow got wangled into singing with.

We also sold a piece, Lucy Newman’s ‘ Prehistoric Landscape’ to the University of the Arts Collection . Not bad going for a first timer gallery!

Exquisite Corpse is reaching the end of its time with us and its gone so quickly and so well! A great first exhibition. We are now looking forward to an

Curators and Artists in Dialogue; Nick Kaplony, Liv Pennington and Sarah
Sat 08 May 2010 -2pm
Core Gallery
C101 Faircharm Trading Estate, 8-12 Creekside, Deptford, SE8 3DX
You are more than welcome to come along!
Free admission but please rsvp to book a place as numbers are limited

Also this month I have an article based on this blog in the Degrees Unedited Guide for a-n.
I hope you enjoy the read if you are a subscriber

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  1. Your singing with Sex Funeral was AAaaaaaawwwwwsommmme!!!