Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Projection Conclusion

The exhibition at John Jones has now finished and with it comes a trace of sadness but also many positive things to conclude this blog with. It has been fantastic in terms of feedback, I have had my first reviews, one from our very own editor Andrew Bryant which is rather amazing!
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as well as on

Projection really did project me out there and project my work.
It made me start a blog through which I have met and had dialogue with a number of interesting people. For John Jones, it created a buzz of excitement for them and the staff all said the exhibition was getting a lot of positive comments. Their enthusiasm and professionalism did not wane and I have grown very attached to them all.

I have since been preparing for the next group show I am in at Brighton Phoenix , Louise Bristow , Peter Bobby, Rowena Easton, Mark Hewitt, Jane Ward, Rich White
which opens next Friday for a preview, 4th September until 11th October .

Floor Plan explores buildings, architecture, and the physical, aesthetic, and psychological interactions between these structures, their inhabitants, and the surrounding communities.

We are going to be having a panel discussion on the 23rd September with Zoe Whitley, Curator of Contemporary Programmes at the V&A, around the central themes in the ‘Floor Plan’ exhibition, and in particular, the interrelationship between psychology and architecture which inspires further thoughts on the themes I am concerned with in my work.

There are several more exhibitions to go this year and each one teaches me something new and makes new connections. It is a joy ( sometimes laced with anxiety)
And so now I leave you with two things, this interview I did for Oh Goodness Greatness, which is something more personal

So, fellow travellers I leave you with words from Graham Crowley. ‘ Being an artist is a complex and demanding business...’ Ain’t that the truth


  1. Complex it certainly is but rewarding in every possible way i can imagine...theres nothing like it on the face of our planet!!

    Realist Painter

  2. definitely!very rewarding, cathartic, pure. thank you for your comment-