Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lavender Oil at the ready

The Summer Art Party is tomorrow! Eek!
The feedback from John Jones has been fantastic already with clients really engaging with the works. Tomorrow there will be about 600 people heading through the doors. I feel faint.
I actually really like talking about the works, the discussions are fascinating. Also if you go to the RCA you soon stop feeling self conscious about it as you are always explaining and exploring your works to rooms full of people. It doesn’t stop the nerves though and tomorrow will be super –charged. My biggest fear is being mediocre. I don’t mind if people don’t like it….well I do if I am really honest but that is not realistic.

In the interim I have been distracting myself with those research trips I mentioned. Assembling ideas and planning out pieces. I am going paint 3 pieces inspired by Margate. A memento-mori of a town. One of the pieces is going to be interspliced with social housing from Poplar as problem families used to be shipped out of London to Margate.
I remember Margate was so vibrant when we went there as children, now row upon row of boarded up shops are like skeletons on the marine parade. The Turner contemporary exhibition in a former M&S was fantastic though. A really great show and indicative of the revival which may have a chance to occur there.

I have also been to Brighton to discuss my next exhibition, ‘Floorplan’ at the Brighton Phoenix Gallery in September, a very good public gallery. I am organising a workshop with a local community group, plus I and the other artists shall be involved in an artists talk discussing the psychology of buildings which I am already looking forward to.

I have also been planning and interviewed for drawing workshops at the Tower of London and found out today I got the job!

As for painting, I am now back to the actuality of it. I am as always slightly daunted by what has I have made before. Back into the cycle of questioning, exploring, doubting and persevering.

Tomorrow if you are coming to the Summer Art Party you will be able to find me, see for more details. I shall be the lady doused in Lavender oil and hopefully not breathing into a bag. Come say hello

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