Monday, July 13, 2009


I have not left yet! No no, here a little longer......I have been working away at one last painting in the last week before the show opens. There were also a book of drawings to organise and now.....The paintings have been hung and there is the undeniable fear and exhiliration of the Exhibition!
you may be pleased to hear, I am restored to good health, have broken only a few more glasses and am considering tackling my tax return (joy)

I am also seeking new inspiration and have been cycling around poplar and silvertown, very bleak in places. I saw 5 burnt out pubs in a mile! I am also off to Gravesend and Margate over the next week. Exciting! I used to spend weekends at Dreamland in Margate with my dad and I am interested to see how it has changed, soak up the atmosphere. Seaside towns are intriguing, a mix of kitsch and seediness.

Also with the big art party at John Jones to gear up to on the 31st July I am doing all that I can to promote the show and am constantly thrilled by the great help of John Jones crew in all of this and the marvellous marketing ladies ! Self promotion can be a terrible bane but a necessary evil. In some ways it can be quite a joy if people respond to you,an exhibition is a great reason to get in touch with peole and tell them what you are working on. At other times it feels like you must as well be chucking a piece of paper out of the window for all the good it is doing you....! I shall let you know how it all goes.....

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