Monday, February 14, 2011

Skin Job....

The last couple of weeks have been diverse! Amongst the things that have happened: Matt Roberts I had the great honour of curating the Salon Photo prize which was very generous of Matt to allow me such responsibility ( and daunting!) I am learning new skills which I just love! Matt and he is a very good boss! Read more here/ see the cataologue here: I also managed the online catalogue ( new skills part II- hello Indesign) the PV which was incredibly busy, 1000 odd people in one night ( I felt a bit seasick as wave upon wave of people came in ) as part of First Thursdays in East London.

DIY Educate launches this week, I am nervous and excited about it- feedback has been great, we have a really strong programme I feel and we now have about 20 chair sponsors which is incredible so seats for people- bonus! DIY educate feeds into my role at AIR, a desire to improve artist's situation, to make up for the lack of professional practice compulsory components within art course, so essential, yet often neglected.

Xhibit Selection for the UAL. Being a judge for the open submission for the all UAL students, very interesting day of considering artworks for a show in March

My Work: Had an installation at Battersea Power Station for the last 3 days, incredible space. The Lost Lovers Ball was a festival created by the Secret Garden Party team ( all of whom are incredibly ambitious in their vision) . My installation, an interactive map of lost love, developed from a previous installation at Shunt a couple of years ago. One could call it socially engaged as the people make it what it is- from a barren map to a forest of stories and narratives. It was incredibly popular with hundreds of people adding to the forest, taking photos, pouring over other lost loves. I was there on hand as Lady Valentine and it was a majestic experience! Tonight, appropriately I guess for Valentines, I shall be reading all the stories to compile....

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