Friday, January 28, 2011

Artists are incredible !

After an inspiring first meeting with the AIR council, a very rich and resourceful, intelligent group I got to thinking about the 21st century artist. Who we are, what we do and why is it important....these are my sketchy first draft thoughts....more to come

Artists are incredible. What the general public don’t understand about artists is that they are talented, not just at the art bit,. practising artists know that this is not the only thing we have to do: out of necessity one has to do your own marketing, research and development, manage people, projects, understand law and legal frameworks,, create business plans, business development, marketing strategies, organise and manage finance, pr, network endlessly, be adept at negotiation and writing funding applications, leading and managing people, ,audience development, collector development, education, teaching, professional practice, social engagement and politics. Surviving rejection, funding cuts, knockbacks to name but a few things.....

Out of the desitre to survive and sustain and to nurture we learn countless skills: we are analytical , thoughtful, empathetic, compassionate, passionate, philosophical, aware of countless issues.

We draw on a range of skills, experiences, cultures. We are endlessly creative. We are endlessly self educating. self critical, self directive We challenge ourselves endlessly, we adapt, we try over and over. That takes courage, it all does,

The creative sector works damn hard at being everything we need to be to survive and you know what, we are pretty talented at all this plus the actual making. We need to be recognised and valued further for our contributions to this world. Dont forget artists are needed, and should be appreciated.

for those artists who are more high profile or established artists' give something back to those who are still climibing the mountain: those of us Campaigning, fighting to make better futures for artists in every way. Use your influence to create change. Dont isolate yourselves. Give part of something more than yourselves.


  1. ....and art represents that which makes us human, the quest for freedom of expression, imagination, creativity, innovation, the quest for excellence, pride, dignity, respect for individual rights, authorship, identity and cultural heritage....

  2. also see art for