Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Pleasure Parlour

The Pleasure Parlour opened in September too which I have not properly blogged about yet as it has been breakneck

With my father ,Peter Davis who has been an artist for over 60 years and my partner Enver ( a heady mix for me ) as well as Holly Revell and Kelda Hole , it was a splendid show

I interviewed the artists on the closing Sunday which was wonderful . Debating art, erotica, nude's and nudity.

My father told stories about art and we expanded to greater philosophical questions about beauty and transformation. I need to find a way to do podcasts so you can all listen.

The night of the private view my father, now nearly 80 had the opportunity to see how his work still reached and touched people. He has an audience of cross generations, all who wanted to meet him and shake his hand, admiring his work, studying it, touching his sculptures . After several years of feeling like he may no longer have anything that people want to see , he is transformed. For this alone , the hard work is worth it.

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