Friday, June 18, 2010

The Rosalind Davis Newsletter has arrived !

My newletter has arrived, that’s right people, with pictures, jazzy boxes, links and everything. My friend Tammasyn Gambell ( ) has a studio in cockpit arts and she sent me hers a while ago which was gorgeous and smart and I coveted it immediately and her lovely boyfriend Jamie Young assisted me.

Check it out here:
Rosalind Davis Newsletter

Why a newsletter one might ask, well what with exhibitions, press, core gallery etc its all too messy to put in an email and expect people to read all the info- this way people can just check out what interests them in bite size nuggets. I know it may not be very ‘ arty’ to be so professional and to do all this sort of ‘ marketing stuff’ but being an artist means you have to stand up and show yourself, get exposure, otherwise how are you going to survive telling no-one about your work? In this recession we have to work even harder to get noticed and you have to be professional; A two liner email with no image attached isn’t going to get people outside your circle of friends to a show.

On a different note our core gallery website may be live soon – only a few months delayed….somehow I ended up being the one to be instructed on how to update the website, a few words went into my brain from Max Saunders, our webdesigner and then the rest was dalek speak. Chantelle and I spent an evening tearing our hair out over the functionalities and I really did not understand what the heck I was doing… if it is down to me then it may not be live for a while… I feel like I am going blind with tiredness at the moment, but one last push is the final week of Wilderness and open studios, a lovely blurb written below sums it up nicely;

We are sad to announce the coming of the end of the much celebrated “WILDERNESS” exhibition at Core Gallery, which will end on Sunday 20th June. *sighs and moans of grief*
But we are very happy to announce it has been a very great success. With over 400 visitors, an extended showing time, several artist talks including among them Deptford Arts Map and the fantastic discussion with the reputable Graham Crowley, we wanted to invite those of you who didn’t make it down yet, or for those who just want to see it again, for the final few days. *cheers and hoorays rise in crescendo*
Friday 18th June, we have a little chilled out bar, with some music and who knows what little surprises on the way.
Also starting on Friday through to Sunday there will also be the fabulous ‘JUMBLE JUMBLE’ arts sale going on in and around the space with guest such as Pigeon Wing Gallery and Miss Led…..and as if that wasn’t enough, the quite excellent Cor Blimey Artists are opening up their studios for everyone to have a little butchers at what everyone’s up to and maybe bag a bargain piece of artwork whilst you’re there. *exasperations of WoooooWWw*
It’ll be lovely to see you all again where you’ll all have the final chance to check out Rosalind’s dizzyingly beautiful painting-stitching, pull me up on my layering and spectaculour use of colour and have you’re photo taken in front of Neil’s now famous, idyllic mountainside wallpaper.

*applause ensues*

The Deptford X entries for Core Gallery’s open submission are pouring in which is fantastic and the entries are very strong already, Emily, our super intern is sending all over the place. If you would like to apply the info is here-
PLus theres a load of other great opportunities to get involved with Deptford X:
we would love to hear from you……

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