Monday, June 22, 2009

Art School Scum

So I have decided to start making another painting in between finishing two off. Why not?!. I just keep thinking that I want a great choice of work to pick from for my show at JJ. That I like to err on the side of caution of having too much work than not enough and I feel I am really developing and learning so much in the last few paintings that I don’t want to interrupt the flow.
Besides I am only going slightly mad already and if I sit unoccupied for too long I may just fall into a daze of tiredness so better to keep on the adrenaline rollercoaster.

I went to Graham Crowley’s book launch at City and Guilds on Friday. A beautiful book. The Principal there Tony carter gave a lovely speech about Graham which reflected and struck a note with the artists there how difficult it is for artists to keep body and soul together. The unreasonableness of trying to make art and make money, to keep your integrity and higher ideals as well as surviving.
It’s a struggle

I work part-time in order to allow me to make my work. But I dislike my droning job. Quite a lot. I would prefer to teach part-time art or textiles more but those kind of jobs are few and far between. I have done this particular job throughout my BA, MA and since.
It gives me some security and means I can buy paint and survive. The boring job is the sacrifice I am willing to make so that I can try and make a career in art and it is also only 2 days a week, the rest of the 5 I am painting and happy.

On another note, the brilliant Vented Spleen has published online his very witty ‘ Art School Scum’ graphic comic. The comic illustrates the people you find at Art Schools ( and the art world actually) , this is one of my favourites and very recognisable….not in me I hasten to add…..!
‘ The Self Obsessed Neurotic’
‘ Under the misguided impression that their lives are so much more interesting than anyone else’s, their work will , more often than not, focus on
1.The Artist’s sex life
2.A-boring-to-anyone-other-than-the-artist obsession/fetish of theirs
3. Their childhood.
It is pointless trying to instigate conversation with the self-obsessed neurotic about anything other than themselves as it is a futile gesture. ’

You can see the whole comic on

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